EVITA SCOCCIA – Fashion Show NYFW23 – Dom Bar

Amidst the bustle of New York Fashion Week, particularly in September, there’s a premium placed on events that let you experience collections in a more casual setting. That’s exactly what we got with Evita Scoccia’s event at Dom Bar. Showcasing her eponymous label Evita, our host allowed us to settle into her collection, spread out a bit and relax with a drink. In retrospect, having an event like that in the middle of a frenetic couple of weeks felt like the calming eye of an exciting and glamorous storm. That storm began with our own inaugural fashion show at the Royalton Hotel (which featured 7 designers: FIDE Apparel, By Sarasty, Rosina Mae, At Your Own Risk, Jack Sivan, Melesia Robinson and Her Cipher) and ended with Social Life Magazine’s NYFW event at Dom Bar showcasing MLC Swimwear, an eco-friendly swimwear brand. 

We’ve been excited by the idea of designer showcases between fashion weeks. After the success of our first show, we want to continue with biannual shows in February and September. Given our own lofty goals, it’s nice to see our ambitions reflected in someone else. We first got connected with Evita during her New York Swim Week show in July and got to see her work in its full glory. Evita founded New York Swim Week after noticing an unmet need in the market and this was her third year organizing it. After getting to know her since July and experiencing this last show in September, we’re inspired by her own dedication to helping keep the spirit of fashion week more consistent. 
Evita embodies the ambitious moxy that New York rewards so generously and she has her eyes set on a challenge that would easily dissuade many others: keeping the relevance of swimwear alive year round. She’s also in a class of her own. She pioneered organizing swim week and has her own swimwear brand, uniquely positioning her as an organizer that’s able to empathize with designers in a way most can’t. In the post pandemic world, a world we’re arguably not in, we feel the collective need to be gathering and fostering relationships that matter to us. But holding space is not for the weak. It takes a lot of strength to bring people together and to keep them coming. We have no doubt that if anyone can do it, Evita can. Weather patterns and seasons may come and go but the yearning for water powered getaways is forever. We look forward to many more collaborations with Evita in the future and wish her a lot of success.


Photos by David Kasyanyuk

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