Partnering with showrooms has been a big focus for us at Presage Magazine, least of all because we recognize the importance of building relationships with the vectors of our industry. Having access to countless designers and working with institutions we can trust is important as we cover new ground and bring new ideas to life with each of our three monthly editions. We’ve had the pleasure of working with The Confessional Showroom NYC for a number of our editorials this year and this fashion week they invited us to attend their NYFW event at Nebula on September 12th. 

The lineup of designers was prolific, seventeen in total, and the music brought it to an entirely new level. Brands and designers showing glimpses into their collection included: Aaboux, Saima, Members Only, Kat and Clarese, Sprayground, Beaute Comme Toi, Akobi, Sultry Affair, Jevon Terrance, Haleia, Hardcore Fashion, Stefan, Poison, Jvlaurnt, Byakudan, Isabelle Larue and Nazarene Amictus. Shoutout to creative director/stylist Lunden @looksbylunden, Rae @raecoiffant  and Tsering, front-house manager Recess @Recess4theworld, seamstress Martha, MUA and hair director Adrian Ruilova @tobaarte and Makeup School NYC @makeupschoolnyc, DJ Rob Dinero @djrobdinero and last but certainly not least singer Angelina Stati. 

As the hints of new age, tribal and ambient tones of the overture started to fade and the guests settled into the beginning of the show, we were surprised with an operatic performance of “O Mio Bambino Caro”. The song, a soprano aria from the opera Gianni Schicchi (1918) by Giacomo Puccini, details the impassioned pleas of a teenage girl. Though she suffers for love, not fashion, the drama of the song was fit to open an event that packed a lot in. The song’s timelessness, woven with electronica, reminded us of what it is we do here in the fashion world: take classic staples and innovate on them to produce something that’s relevant to the zeitgeist at any given time. Ideally with passion.

The room was packed full of guests, even filling the staircases, to get a look edgewise and we were treated to a carousel of two to three looks from each designer. Rather than seeing one designer’s cohesive collection at once, this event gave us an opportunity to see a sampling that spanned designers. Ranging from streetwear, swimwear, evening wear and everything in between, the event surpassed our expectations and delivered on what we wanted to see most: a look at the treasures in Confessional Showroom NYC’s chest. 

Given that we hosted our own fashion show for the first time this past Labor Day, we’re no stranger to the massive undertaking organizing and executing an event like this takes. We wanted to congratulate Johnny Cohen and The Confessional Showroom NYC on putting on a great show and for including so much of their collection in it. It was a treat to see so many of the designers we’ve worked with on our own productions over the course of the year in one room and an opportunity for us to deepen our connections. Cheers to many more


 Photos by David Kasyanyuk

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