Miraya Shark, Singer based in Miami

Presage Magazine: It’s such a treat to sit down with a singer such as yourself, Miraya! How did you get involved with Propaganda and singing in general?

Miraya Shark: Since I was a kid, I’ve had two favorite things: music and athletics. Performances on stage followed competitions. I went to a music high school and got a candidate’s degree in the master of sports, but a professional singing career was always my dream. I left sports and rushed headfirst into music. When I came to Moscow, I went through many castings to finally get to the highest-rated musical project, “Propaganda,” which was incredibly lucky at the time.

PM: That kind of transformation can be difficult for many artists that are transitioning out of a group and into a solo career. What was your experience of having to distance yourself as lead singer of Propaganda and truly step in as Miraya Shark?

MS: I really enjoyed working in Propaganda, but the time came for me to realize that I could do more and that I was ready to go further alone. I always knew I would only be in Propaganda briefly because I wanted to bring my own musical material to life. The name Miraya is a symbol of reliability. I wanted to perform under that name for a long time, but circumstances were different back then. Today, I dictate my own rules and produce my own work. Miraya is an ancient name, and Shark is a derivative of my last name, so they complement each other perfectly.

PM: Your sense of style is so playful and earthy yet eclectic, who are your style icons?

MS: It often happens that singers are compared to someone and told that they’re reminiscent of someone. I really hope I can only remind you a little of anyone. I have a little personality, which means that my goal is achieved. Don’t make an idol for yourself. Create your unique style. If you can do that, it means you’ve achieved your goal.

PM: How has your sense of fashion evolved over the years?

MS: I always keep track of fashion trends, it’s an important part of an artist’s look. My look is impacted a bit based on what’s fashionable, but not by much. All the same, I’m a creator and preserver of my own style and image.

PM: It seems like the Covid-19 pandemic had a bolstering effect on your career as you were one of the few artists that started communicating with your fanbase even more during that time, going as far as to launch a mobile app. What gave you that idea and motivation?

MS: Yes, there was no concerted activity during the pandemic. I, like many artists, went online to perform my songs and communicate with my audience. During the pandemic, I really missed the audience’s energy when they sing with you during a live show and the idea arose to create a platform where everyone could sing my songs in karaoke and practice their musical abilities.

PM: Your career started in Russia and now you’re here in the states. How does that approach how you express yourself?

MS: America has always set musical trends. I’ve long been interested in diving into that element. So now I’m keeping a close eye on everything interesting that’s going on in the music world here. I know I have room to grow, but I’m sure that my musical experience will be in demand here as well.
PM: Fashion and art play so beautifully together, in what way do you use fashion to communicate the broader message of your music?

MS: It takes time to come to the successful result of creating a full-fledged look for an artist. Everything has to come together: the voice, the manner, the style, the look, the energy. When I started my solo career, I faced a problem with my look and style of performance. I had some ideas in my head, but it was very hard to turn that into a general concept. It took me a long time to find my style, try out different things, see what resonates and listen to myself. The audience will perceive you 100% when everything plays together like a coherent orchestra.

PM: What themes are consistently coming up for you in your music?

MS:  Of course – love. This important theme has always been and remains the basis for my creativity and art.

PM: Creatively, which avenues would you like to pursue in this current phase of your career?

MS: The most important thing for me is to keep singing. I hope to finish my new album soon and please the audience with new, bright songs; to which you can feel sad, smile, and dance.

PM: Thank you for sharing your voice, we look forward to all the good things to come from the beautiful Miraya Shark! 

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